Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aaj jeene ko karta hai mera mann

Kal raat jab achanak asha ki chadar tale hui halki sikudan
subah subah parden hata jhaank raha tha bawara mann
Mehsoos ki usne pehli sheet ki pehli kampan
Ujali dhoop ki nirmal sunahari kiran
Aaj jeene ko karta hai mera mann..
Aaj jee bhar jeene ko karta hai mera mann..

Jara jindagi se bhi kabhi guftgoo kijiye

Kal tha aaya raat ke andhere mein dabe paanv

Ek sapna chod ke peeche baadal ki chaanv

Kehne laga muskura ae dil-e nadaan

Saath laya tha voh apne jindagi ka paigam

"Doston, yaaron mere ek pal mujhe dijiye

Kahe bus itna hi jindagi aapse do pal dekhiye

Jara jindagi se bhi kabhi guftgoo kijiye ":)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

All Izz Well

Thought of venting out my thoughts three days back.But somehow lack of time,loads of pressure,few moments of weakness and then as usual me back in my "Never say die" form.Lots of unexpected turns are expected in next few months of my life.Most of them will lead me closer to my destination(of course the short term).Thats my belief.After all I have always faced challenges with grit and determination.
I am hoping for the best.And hope the next chapter in my life will be full of excitement.
Wish me luck !!!
I just came across these lines in one of the blogs.Just loved them as they inspired me and so adding them here :)

"Main Khud hi Apni Talaash mein Hoon
Mera Koi Rehnuma Nahi hai..
Vo Kya Bataenge Raah Mujhko,
Jinhein khud Apna pata nahi Hai"

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Are we all lonely souls,
On a journey to find our roles,
In this world why have we come,
Definitely to make a difference in lives of some.

Then why are we being so lazy,
Time is running mad like crazy,
Get up and get started,
Lets give back whole hearted.

Lets enlighten the life of few,
With hope fresh like a drop of dew,
No matter how much their lives are torn,
Make them believe,Every black night brings in a new dawn.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Well thats some wierdest title I can think of for this post of mine.But before you venture into all the wild thoughts of your mind, let me make it clear --Its all about " KEEP IT SIMPLE,SWEET".

How many times do we complicate our lives on our own.We do not realise the fact that we are at the centre of all the problems that surround us.We do not realise that life is not something to be planned, but to be lived every moment.We forget that there are loads of simpler and sweeter delights in life.For example helping an old lady cross a road.I still remember the incident where one old lady almost 85 plus years of age was waiting to cross the road.But she could not afford to risk her life amidst heavy traffic.I saw so many people crossing by without even bothering.Just then one rikshaw vallah, who is a hero in true sense, came in and held the old lady's hand and helped her cross the road.I was extremely happy to know that soft hearted people are still existing in this world.Its not all that bad.

Before anything else could hit my mind, I realised how we can get happiness from simple yet sweet and miniscule incidents of our everyday life.

So lets gain happiness in its true sense by being good to others :)
Lets KISS our life !!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rain Rain Come Again

Today it started raining all of a sudden.Well its rainy season in India and so whats new in it!!!
Indeed its new to Chennai where showers in this season are unexpected.When whole India is drenched, Chennai was boiling due to scorching sun...So indeed its a welcome respite.
But then I am not writing this post becoz of this reason..Today I got some time out of my busy life to observe these lovely pearls rolling all over the thirsty land.How beautiful it is to watch the little drops touching the green leaves, removing all their wrinkles and dirt and giving them a new life.It feels as if two lovers are meeting after several months.
Somehow I had forgotten that God has created nature with so much of perfection and that we are part of this nature.We must observe and appreciate its beauty.
I am happy to be the young girl once again,who used to sit and watch the rain for hours, who loved to get drenched in first rain and who had this belief that if rains unexpectedly and you get to see a rainbow then God is planning something good for you.(All my friends laugh at this belief of mine and call me kiddo) Indeed this belief is not wrong.After all, God had planned my rendezvous with the kid in my heart. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Smile - The language across miles

How does it feel when someone whom you don't know,someone you have never spoken to,someone whom you have seen for the very first time in your life gives you a SMILE......

Amazing isn't it.....You somehow feel attracted towards the person.

Well currently I am exploring the land of opportunities "USA" and I must say that in past few weeks I have realized that the biggest asset one has to win new friends in a new place is the genuine smile on your face.

I have made five new friends including a tiny tot who is just two years old just with the power of smile....

So here goes my advice to all "SMILE because its the best makeup you can ever wear "